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Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration starts “Superpower” campaign

Did you know that certain fruits and vegetables have superpowers? The Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration does, and in November it started the aggressive communications campaign “Live a More Colorful Life” to inspire residents to add more fruits and vegetables to their daily diet. As part of the Plan4Health grant, the campaign can be seen on […]

Fresh produce sold from carts approved in Fort Worth

A long-awaited ordinance amendment allowing the sale of fresh produce from pushcarts was approved by Fort Worth City Council during its May 24 meeting. The item came up faster than expected on the agenda and was quickly approved. The approval is expected to increase fresh produce availability for communities within what is termed “food deserts,” […]

DFWHC’s Fall Interlocutor is now available

The Fall edition of the DFW Hospital Council’s Interlocutor is now available. Click the graphic below for a recap of last month’s Annual Awards Luncheon, detail on the updated “Healthy North Texas” website and a story on the growing food deserts within Dallas. Hard copies will be mailed to membership next week. You can also […]

Food Deserts

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation is coming out with the final Dallas County Diabetes Environmental Resources document on Dec. 16, 2011. Results were extremely interesting, with one aspect of the study determining if areas with high prevalence of diabetes were located in “food deserts.”  Food deserts are areas with low income residents lacking locations […]