Community Health Collaborative

The Community Health Collaborative is composed of more than 20 healthcare, business, educational and community organizations working in collaboration to interpret data and align efforts to improve the health of North Texas residents.

Health Access and Equity Committee

A collaborative of area hospital leaders in diversity, language access, clinical, safety and quality to develop focused regional approaches to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to positively impact health access, patient safety and quality, thereby addressing health equity for all populations.

DFWHC Healthcare Workforce Center Advisory Board

DFWHC Healthcare Workforce Center Advisory Board In 2005, the DFWHC Workforce Center formed its advisory board. Their role is to serve as advisor for the Center; serve as advocate for the Center; and participate in determining and supporting the Center strategies, initiatives and activities.

Human Resources Compensation and Benefits Committee

This committee provide a networking opportunity for healthcare professionals who focus on benefits and compensation and serve as advisors to the human resources surveys. They provide feedback on information that is needed by hospital human resources staff. This committee is open to all participants in the salary survey, meeting attendance averages at 15 to 20, and meets quarterly.

Healthcare Human Resources Executive Committee

This committee provides healthcare human resources executives an opportunity to network and collaborate on issues that affect hospitals and healthcare throughout the region. This committee meets quarterly.

Allied Health Professions Workforce Committee

This committee provides hospitals, educational institutions and other partners an opportunity to network and collaborate on issues that affect our allied healthcare workforce throughout the region. This committee meets every other month. If you are interested in more information, contact staff.

 Patient Safety and Quality Committee

A collaborative of area hospital leaders in quality and patient safety that conduct analysis of the Foundation data set, advance community wide quality improvement activities, and facilitate best practice and educational forums for healthcare quality improvement.

 Opioid Safety Program Committee

Work has begun on an Opioid Safety Program that will be multi-faceted, impacting hospitals, physician prescribing practices, reporting regulations and community awareness. Please contact us if you would like to join the Opioid Safety Program.

Regulatory Collaborative Committee

The Regulatory Collaborative Committee is designed to serve as a catalyst for continual improvement through communication and collaboration of participants. The committee provides a way for participants to assist each other in obtaining a successful survey  and meet regulatory requirements. Membership to this committee is open to any hospital that is a member of the DFW Hospital Council

Sepsis Strike Force

A committee of content matter experts that has been working to provide evidence based clinical guidelines for early recognition and management of Sepsis for pediatric and adult patients. The Strike Force will provide assessment, reassessment and treatment protocols per CMS SEP 1 guidelines, will analyze changes in evidence-based clinical guidelines and provide education to healthcare providers and the community.

Health Literacy Committee

The vision of the newly formed Health Literacy Committee is to have a health literate culture in North Texas as well as the entire state. Any healthcare or community member may join. Subcommittees meet monthly and report to the Health Literacy Committee quarterly.

Research Collaborative

A group of community stakeholders and researchers brought together to improve the health of the community through research initiatives and knowledge dissemination. Researchers work together to make the best use of available resources that make the greatest impact on community health. The group is composed of researchers from Dallas-Fort Worth universities, public health departments, hospitals and the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council Education and Research Foundation.

North Texas Healthcare Information & Quality Collaborative

The North Texas Healthcare Information and Quality Collaborative (NTHIQC) is established to provide the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation Board, President and Staff with subject matter expertise related to quality, patient safety and the development and utilization of the data assets of the Information and Quality Services Center (IQSC) to support the strategic goals and tactical activities of the Foundation.

IS Technical Advisory Committee

The Information Systems Technical Advisory Committee’s purpose is to provide a forum for Hospital Technical Representatives/DQA Users and Foundation representatives to collaborate with each other on the software development of tools provided by the Foundation as well as advise the Foundation on technical requirements put forth in regulatory requirements.

Market & Product Development Committee

The purpose of the Market Product Development Committee is to serve in advisory capacity to the Product Manager, providing feedback on proposed product enhancements and new product development. The goal is to enable and empower users of the Foundation’s products to assess and benchmark quality of care, patient safety and analyze community needs.