SafetyPatient Safety Summit

The Patient Safety Summits fosters a collaborative climate in North Texas regarding issues of patient safety and quality. It serves as an opportunity for the region’s healthcare providers to openly share successes, failures and the learning that occurs from both. The event offers attendees essential information to support a successful safety cultural transformation. Presentations are provided by esteemed leaders of the field presenting vital information for all healthcare organizations. Get more information about the 2022 event HERE.

Employee of yearEmployee of the Year

A salute to the North Texas hospital workforce, the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation Employee of the Year Luncheon is celebrating 20+ years of success. This luncheon is an opportunity for metroplex hospitals to acknowledge exceptional employees. The Luncheon serves to boost morale within the healthcare community and offers employees a chance to be recognized. Winners, in the tradition of an awards show, are announced at the luncheon.

EducationEducational Events

These meetings serve as an informational opportunity for healthcare employees to continue their education as well as learn about current issues of the profession. An important aim of educational events is to improve professional practice so patients can receive improved health care. A broad range of events are covered including workforce, diabetes, healthcare associated infections and patient safety.

Information on the North Texas Institute for Nurse Educators.

Information on the IQSC Data Summit.