Foundation Blog – Supporting a successful recovery

Blog by Jen Miff, President, DFWHC Foundation

While we work together to optimize our regions’ immediate and continued pandemic response, it is critical to also keep an eye toward longer-term objectives that will support a successful recovery.

Even as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rise, the DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) Foundation has facilitated collaboration and cooperation in areas such as transitions to long-term acute care or skilled nursing facilities, nursing management and leadership, ongoing clinical education priorities, patient safety and quality, and human resources planning.

At the same time, we have refocused on critical work that will help the industry and community rebound. Workforce development activities and grants ensure talent flow through the system and provide critical jobs to stimulate the economy. Our Mental Health First Aid Program is more important now than ever. This training increases awareness of key signs, prevents stigma, and helps ensure those in need are directed to the right resources.

In addition, our Diabetes Prevention Program funded by the state helps vulnerable populations improve their lifestyle choices to keep themselves as safe as possible. This is especially critical given the higher risk of COVID-19 complications due to existing chronic conditions.

We have also formed a work group of data and research experts to stay ahead of COVID-19 research needs. The DFWHC Foundation’s North Texas Healthcare Information and Quality Collaborative gets data 290 days faster than the Texas Health Care Information Collection (THCIC). This gives our community the opportunity to delve more quickly into regional COVID insights – from emergency room visits to admissions, ICU utilization over time, and future readmissions or complications from existing chronic conditions. Location data allows consideration of social determinants of health and other socio-economic factors.

Our September data release will contain case data through June. Any academic, non-member health system, or other grant-based organization seeking to leverage the DFWHC Foundations’ data for research or education purposes should reach out to Dr. Sushma Sharma at [email protected] with questions.

Thank you to our healthcare heroes and please stay safe!