Local coalition to boost clinician resilience

Blog by Kristin Jenkins, President, DFWHC Foundation

A national survey conducted this year of more than 15,000 physicians reveals that 42 percent of them suffer from burnout, with an additional 15 percent admitting depression. Of those reporting burnout, 33 percent admit it effects patient care and 42 percent say it effects their work relationships. Those are not encouraging numbers.

The number one factor contributing to their condition? Their jobs. In addition, the suicide rate for physicians stands at twice that of the remainder of the population.

Comparable nursing statistics are not available – but nursing organizations across the country report increasing rates of burnout and abandonment of the profession.

North Texas is responding. A coalition has created the North Texas Alliance for Clinician Resilience (NTACR) to focus on improving clinician satisfaction with their professions. This July, the Dallas and Tarrant County Medical Societies, North Texas Organization for Nurse Executives and Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation formed NTACR by filing an organization commitment to the National Academy of Medicine’s (NAM) Clinician Resilience Initiative.

NTACR will focus on:
1. Encouraging health system leaders and clinicians to adopt initiatives;
2. Advocating for the reduction of regulatory and administrative burdens on providers;
3. Promoting crises intervention programs for clinicians;
4. Supporting research and surveys promulgated by the NAM Action Collaborative.

Four workgroups will be formed this fall and a participant orientation will be held in November. Workgroups will begin meeting and forming tactics in January of 2019.

NTACR hopes to save lives – both patient and clinician – by pursuing this regional approach to clinician resilience. If you have interest in volunteering in any of the work groups, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and we will provide you with information. Let’s improve patient safety and clinician satisfaction together.