Foundation’s 6th Annual IQSC Data Summit starts in three weeks!

The DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) Foundation’s 6th Annual Information and Quality Services Center’s (IQSC) Data Summit starts in three weeks, January 25-26 from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon on both days.

Themed, “The Powerful World of Data,” this year’s virtual event will be highlighted by Dr. James Zimring, author of “Partial Truths,” serving as keynote speaker. In his book, Dr. Zimring argues many mistakes the human mind makes boils down to misperceiving fractions. He says we see slews of statistics that are essentially fractions, and we misinterpret them. Zimring will explore the reason these flaws benefit us, demonstrating individual error can be advantageous to problem solving.

Additional topics will include:
• “Workplace Violence and the role of PowerBi”
• “Conundrum of Imperfect Data”
• “South Carolina’s Social Determinants Collaborative”
• “Compassionomics to Address EHR Provider and System Burden”

For the full list of topics and speakers, please click here.

Target audience includes executives, business intelligence analysts, business managers, strategists, CIOs, data-driven designers, data engineers, data scientists, directors of marketing and researchers.

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