Big Data! – what you’re missing at today’s IQSC Data seminar

Janet Burkhard, Mary-Grace Reed and Erin Clayton.

They’re making the turn!

The DFW Hospital Council Foundation’s First Annual Information Quality Services Center (IQSC) Data User’s Educational Event continues on today at the Texas Woman’s University campus in Dallas. Titled “Healthcare Data: Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive,” the all-day seminar has gathered 13 speakers, six presentations and an auditorium of 125 attendees to learn about the future of Big Data in healthcare.

A panel including Janet Burkhard, Mary-Grace Reed and Erin Clayton detailed “Using Data in the Performance Improvement Journey.” The three speakers are data gurus from UT Southwestern, with Janet serving as director of quality assurance, Mary-Grace as the senior quality improvement analyst and Erin as the quality analyst in performance improvement.

They were followed after lunch by Joshua Milligan’s and Will Grey’s presentation “Descriptive to Predictive: The evolution of healthcare analytics and how modern tools empower you to make a difference.”

Joshua is not only a Tableau Zen Master, but he serves as a principal consultant with Teknion Data Solutions.

Will is also with Teknion, serving as a Practice Leader/Principle Consultant with his area of expertise being healthcare.

What a lineup of true Data Zen Masters. More to come!

Joshua Milligan and Will Grey

Derek Garrison and Shrujan Amin