Webinar tomorrow to detail Autonomous Monitoring System for hospitals

The DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) will be co-hosting a webinar tomorrow with Care.Ai to detail a new autonomous monitoring system designed to support hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The complimentary event is set for 10:00 a.m. CST.

As hospitals begin resuming elective procedures, demonstrating the highest levels of infection control is critical to reassuring patients that their safety is paramount and they should not be discouraged from seeking hospital care.

With autonomous monitoring, hospitals can achieve patient care and infection control goals for all patients. Care.ai has developed a contactless temperature screening tool that quickly scans every person who comes into a facility for an elevated temperature – one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 and an indicator of the need for additional testing.

Care.Ai is on MHA’s COVID-19 Resource List of vetted companies identified as providing a service to help hospitals navigate challenges resulting from COVID-19. Care.ai is an autonomous monitoring platform that can help hospitals to unobtrusively detect higher-than-normal temperatures of everyone who comes to a facility.

You can register here.

For information, please contact Abby Bobo at 512-813-7667 or abobo@aesllc.org.