Should you be tested? Dallas Regional Chamber releases COVID-19 flyer

As part of an ongoing effort to educate the community, the Dallas Regional Chamber released a flyer today detailing COVID-19 drive-thru testing in the community. Working with the DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC), the Dallas Regional Chamber flyer includes information on symptoms for testing, convenient locations and steps to consider.

“We would like to thank the team at Dallas Regional Chamber for putting together this crucial flyer,” said Stephen Love, DFWHC president/CEO. “It’s so important for the public to realize the criteria for being tested beforehand. Not everyone needs to be tested. Our mutual goal is to make sure the hospitals of North Texas are not overloaded with residents who do not need to be tested for COVID-19.”

As the flyer states, you do not need to be tested unless:

• You are showing a temperature of 99.6F or higher;
• plus a cough or shortness of breath.

You can find the flyer here.