Welcome to our new blog!

Thanks for your support of the DFWHC Foundation and welcome to our new blog! We hope you’ll enjoy hearing about these activities and continue to join us in improving the health of North Texans.

We have a new look and logo – with the focus on you and the community. The purpose of the new website and blog is to encourage communication about your ideas and feedback. The “Contact Us” buttons located throughout the site are for you to engage. Please use them while sharing this blog with friends. We welcome new partners from North Texas and beyond.

The new logo represents a “Foundation” of support for the hard work of our hospitals, physicians, schools and partners. You bring healthcare programs and information to friends and families.

It’s our goal to provide information with an eye towards promoting wellness, disease prevention, health and healthcare best practices in North Texas. We think this work serves as a living foundation – hence the tree. Without support from the healthcare community, we cannot grow into a healthy community.  These activities sprout from partnerships forged in North Texas. The Foundation tree includes many roots stretching across the metroplex.

The wisdom of hospital leaders has brought North Texas to the forefront of medical and health research. Our hospitals have generously supported the DFWHC Foundation for more than 40 years. In many ways, this new website and logo is a result of this dependable support. We are now a site prepared to host and facilitate collaboration while working towards one important truth – we can be healthier when we work together.

Over the next weeks you will see many postings from our Workforce, Community Health, Research and Data Services centers. These Foundation teams will keep you informed of the latest in healthcare information. Best of health and welcome to the DFWHC Foundation’s new website!