Health Information Exchange – Fast Train to Better Care!

After receiving a grant award last month to establish a Health Information Exchange (HIE) for a 13-county region of North Texas, area leaders rapidly began working to engage technology vendors to assist in the overall business model. We would like to congratulate Bryan White of the Dallas County Medical Society and now the new director for the Health Information Exchange, for organizing and leading this effort.

Two meetings of the HIE Steering Committee have been held to discuss future plans and technology.  Regularly scheduled meetings will occur throughout the year with the goal of meeting grant timelines, including the exchange of health information before Dec. 31, 2011.

You read that right – to meet our grant requirements, we will be exchanging information in North Texas before the end of the year. It is an exciting time as our goal of providing better information for better care is becoming a reality.

If you would like to hop on the “fast train” to health information exchange, just give me a call at 469-648-5019 or email [email protected].