Employee of the Year- Sponsorships Available

DFWHC Foundation 15th Annual Employee of the Year Event is perfect opportunity for your organization to be visible to over 600 hospital executives and employees in the North Texas region.  The event will be held at the Irving Convention Center on April 26.

 In the past we have had over 45 CEOs, 70 hospital administrators, and 50 hospitals represented at the event.  This event is a salute to the North Texas hospital workforce with the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation Workforce Center’s Employee of the Year Luncheon celebrating 15 years of success. Last year, 10 recipients and 50 nominees were honored.

 This luncheon is an opportunity for metroplex hospitals to acknowledge exceptional employees. The Employee of the Year Luncheon serves to boost morale within our healthcare community and offers employees a chance to be recognized. It is an event where nominees lunch with hospital executives. Not only do hospital CEOs attend, they stand side-by-side with their honorees. Why should you consider partnering with the DFWHC Foundation with a sponsorship of this event:

Dedication to the hospital community – Sponsoring the Employee of the Year Luncheon demonstrates your dedication to the hospital community. It offers more than just an introduction, it offers your company the ability to demonstrate your leadership and commitment.

Making a difference within our hospitals – This event truly helps build morale in our hospitals. It boosts spirits within the workforce, improves quality of care, quality of life and recognizes the importance of each individual. This event allows hospitals across the Dallas-Fort Worth area to share success beyond their hospital’s walls.

A chance to honor – This award is for those who are by the bedsides of patients making a difference in the quality of their lives.

Advancing the future through scholarships – During the Employee of the Year Luncheon, we take time to award a scholarship to a deserving nursing student. The funds for the scholarship are raised from events like this.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this event – please contact Kristin Alexander at [email protected]  Deadlines for sponsorship is April 8.

 Sponsorship Packet: