City of Dallas creates webpage specific to healthcare industry

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In an attempt to reduce waste, the city of Dallas adopted a plan to achieve zero waste by 2040. Created in 2013, the “Zero Waste Plan” will provide waste diversion goals and timelines specific to residents and businesses in the city. Residents and business leaders may find information on the plan by clicking here.

Healthcare institutions will also be a part of the plan. Expending volumes of resources for operations and patient care, the average hospital generates 33 pounds of waste per staffed hospital bed per day, with $15 billion per year in medical supplies discarded. In addition, $72 million a year is spent on supply chain functions. In the U.S., hospitals waste production exceeds 5.9 million tons annually, with 70 percent of the waste recyclable.

With hospitals estimated to be the second largest generator of waste in the U.S., it is important to instill sustainable practices into daily operations and provide resources and education to provide guidance to divert waste resulting in a positive final impact.

The City of Dallas Sanitation Services Department is excited to announce a link specific to the healthcare industry that provides information concerning waste diversion, links to resources to ensure medical supplies and equipment are diverted from the landfill. The link also contains information on how to recycle. To view the website, please click here.