A family affair – daughter of Dr. Sushma Sharma has story posted in national forum

The apple evidently does not fall far from the tree. For Dr. Sushma Sharma, the director of public and population health research at the DFW Hospital Council Foundation, her daughter Shivi Sharma has certainly proven that anecdote.

Shivi wrote an opinion column titled “Kids These Days: Why Older People Should Stop Judging Our Generation as Lazy” that was posted on Best of SNO, a website that hosts high school student articles from across the nation. A student at Coppell High School, Shivi details in her editorial why Millennials and Gen Z’ers have recently become targets for older generations to mock.

“While our constant devotion to our screens or our inability to fully acknowledge our privileges at times may be infuriating to many parents or grandparents, judging younger generations as ‘lazy’ is indicative of a deeper generational gap,” Shivi said in her column. “This general assessment of scorn seems largely due to previous generations disliking the abandonment of what they perceive as social norms.”

According to Shivi, the last 20 years have seen tremendous progress in terms of globalization and technology. The progression means the society parents grew up in has evolved, the hurdles they faced eliminated or replaced by new ones. Shivi says growing up today means reaping certain privileges, such as efficiency of information.

“In many ways this could be how the younger generation responds to things they don’t want to listen to,” said Dr. Sharma about her daughter’s column. “I often use the term ‘lazy’ for my daughter Shivi, and here I am with this wonderful published response with an appreciation certificate from Best of SNO for her work.”

As they say – like mother, like daughter.

You can read Shivi’s full story here.