No Magic Bullet for Scarce Talents – The Solution must be Intentional and Decisive

The job market is keeping employers in fierce competition for scarce talents. This would certainly be an understatement when it comes to healthcare. Experienced talents such as ER and OR nurses and other specialty nursing, and allied health professions such as physical therapy continue to dominate the recruiting space in healthcare. The workforce staff at the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation (DFWHC Foundation) and its collaborative partners knows quite well that there is no magic bullet. Its North Texas Regional Workforce Planning Collaborative (RWPC) has been engaged in months of strategically defining the physical therapy landscape in the region as the first of several jobs to be studied over the next several months.

With a large deficit looming the RWPC is working hard to truly understand what it will require to ensure the aging population in North Texas has the physical therapy workforce necessary both in the short, medium and long terms. It has brought together some of the sharpest thinkers and subject matter experts in the Allied Health profession in the physical therapy discipline and have been reviewing and discussing data and other material pertinent to this understanding. Some of the tactics being explored include build, buy and/or borrow elements that focuses on the collaborative benefits of these North Texas Hospitals. With some of the largest hospital systems in the region engaged in this intense ongoing work, they hope for an effective solution that is intentional and decisive – one that will eliminate the scarcity of needed talents in North Texas, now and in the future. 

For additional information on how to become part of this collaborative, please contact the DFWHC Foundation at 972-717-4279 or [email protected].