The 2023 Keynote Speaker will be Christine Cashen.

For 20 years, Christine has shared her expertise on conflict resolution, stress management and cultivating a happier more productive workplace. She is the author of the award-winning books “THE GOOD STUFF: Quips & Tips on Life, Love, Work and Happiness” and “It’s YOUR Business: Good Stuff for Your Personal, Professional and Funny Business.” An energetic and lively speaker, Christine has been honored with an induction into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

Tickets available in February.

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Nomination Information

Each year we make a request for nominees from member hospitals and are amazed by the quality of employees submitted.
Please take time to ensure one non-management staff member, physician, volunteer, corporate employee, preceptor and Rex McRae Scholarship recipient from your hospital is nominated. This luncheon is designed to be a memorable afternoon for these nominees and we hope the recognition makes a direct, positive impact on the morale of your hospital workforce. At our last event, 16 recipients were honored from a pool of more than 150 nominees.

One nominee is allowed in each category per hospital.

 Winners will be announced at the event. We encourage you to bring nominees to the luncheon to honor their achievements. To ensure you send the best nomination, please look at samples of both a GOOD Nomination Form and a BAD Nomination Form.

Deadline to submit nominees is Friday, February 24, 2023.

All nomination forms will be completed online, and it’s quick and easy! Here are the steps:

Step 1: Nomination Form   

Step 2: Photo Release Form   

Step 3: Photo of Nominee

NOTE: We will not accept nominations, forms or attachments by email.

Click the links below to submit a nominee and learn more about the nomination criteria.

Employee of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

System Employee of the Year

Physician of the Year

Preceptor of the Year

Rex McRae Scholarship

NOTE: You will not receive a confirmation email. When you complete steps 1-3, your nomination has been successfully received.

For more information and questions, contact